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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Harvest Gathering Swap!

Recently I participated in the Harvest Gathering Swap ~ One of my all time Favorites!!!
My partner was Sweet Amy from Bumble Bee Lane ~ Oh how I Love to swap with her!!!
Even though we're miles apart it seems like we've been Best Friends for ever!
(someday I hope to meet her!)

I can't wait to show you all the goodness she sent me ~
Let's take a peek shall we~
Adorable bear playing his drum and some spiced pumpkin oil scent.
It smells so good too!!!

Oh how I love crows ~ a beautiful crow penny mat!

A card and Boyds quilt ~ Amy knows I collect Boyd bears ~ Love It!!!

Sweet Sunflowers and a candy container!

Here's a closeup of the candy container ~ Isn't it sweet???
I collect candy containers and I have lots of them :)

But I have never seen one like this ~ such a sweet treasure that she gave to me!

Not only did I drool over the candy container I opened this Beauty!
Amy made me this wonderful blackened beeswax witch and it smells so wonderful!
Every time I walk past it I think of Amy!!!
Oh how I would like to learn how to make these.

Thank-You so Much Amy for all the wonderful goodness you sent!
So happy that we became Friends!

Until Next Time

Cherish the Little Things in Life!

Many Blessings

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Painted Shepherd and I

Hello Every Body ~ It's been a while :(

It's been a tad bit hectic around here.
A friend of mine Misty asked me if I wanted to go in on a booth space with her at Water Street Vintage in New London, WI.  Of course I jumped at the chance thinking I'd have a month to prepare ~ but no I had a week ~ oh my.  Needless to say I wasn't ready to put things in the booth on Sept 1st.
I helped her move some of her furniture there and said I'd bring some of my stuff on Labor Day.

So here is how it looks so far ~

Misty did a wonderful job on building the wall with various boards and giving them a wash.
We still have 2 more walls to do. In time it will all come together ~ so many ideas!!!

I love the fireplace she build for a display piece!

See we need to create some kind of wall to block the other vendors stuff.
I'll keep ya posted on the progress.

If your in the area and want to visit a fun place to browse for treasure stop at

Water Street Vintage
207 W North Water St.
New London, WI

Don't forget to check out our booth:

The Painted Shepherd
The Primitive Hutch

Tomorrow I'm heading to Madison to attend the Quilt Expo.
My friend Sue from Stonehouse Vintage is going to be there!!!
Can't wait to see what treasures she has!!!

This Sat is my first show for the Fall season ~
Come see me at:

The Winchester Craft and Farm Fair
Winchester Town Hall
85202 Parkway

Until Next Time

Dream Big!

Many Blessings

Monday, August 17, 2015

What a Journey ~ Treasures

That came home with Me!!!
(Don't forget to click on pics to enlarge them)

This is the front of the box
Now take a look inside ~

I found a red cradle!!!

Does anyone know what the pear shaped piece is?
It's dated  Dec. 27, 1881

My Favorite Find
A Butter Churn!!!
It had the best color and the strapping was leather.

Did I do good ~ See anything you liked???
Any questions about anything???

Thanks Everyone for following along!!!
I hope you enjoyed the Journey!

Until Next Time

Be Inspired

Many Blessings

Friday, August 14, 2015

What a Jouney Day 3!

Well today's post is about day 3 of my journey to the Elkhorn flea market!

The sky's were overcast and there was a chance it could down pour at anytime.
But Thank the good Lord it held off ~ it was actually pleasant until the clouds started to part and the sun decided to come out.  
Yep it got HOT & Humid!

If you've never been to the Elkhorn Flea Market I highly suggest you make the journey to one of their shows ~ it's well worth the trip.  Usually there is around 550 vendors.  The last show is in Sept and that one is my favorite one to attend.

I didn't take any pictures at the show this time around ~ it was just me and it was difficult for me to push the cart and hang onto bags etc... ~ I'm sure you get the idea!!!

But I did want to share what I saw when I was leaving the show and heading towards the highway to head home.
This building caught my eye!
I thought wouldn't it be cool to convert this into an antique shop???
Of course I had to pull over and peek in the windows.
Low and behold this is what I saw inside ~
(mind you ~ I was trying to take pics through mini blinds!)

The next couple of pics is what was on the outside of the building

I really liked this one ~ so Unique!!!

It's getting late ~
Better get going it's a two hour drive home ~

Country Roads take me Home!

Only 63 more miles!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little weekend adventure :)

Tomorrow I'll show you what all came home with me!!!

Until Next Time

Pull over sometimes ~ you might be pleasantly surprised!!!

Many Blessings

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What a Journey ~ Day 2!

Time to hit the road ~Lots of places to see today!!!
Our first stop is to my All Time Favorites ~
BlackByrd Primitives

Driving through the country roads

in this part of the state there are lots of rolling fields


farms that dot the country side
Something I never tire from...

Yeah ~ We made it ~
Let's step inside ~
There's so Much to See!

Oh my Stars!


Great piece for the Farmhouse look!

If only I had the room ~ A great piece for your creative space!
Oh the possibilities...

Whisk brooms

Anything catch your eye???

Some of my favorite things ~

So much Goodness

So Sweet

So much to choose from...

Take me home ~ please

Anything calling your name yet?


A must stop for all those treasure hunters out there!
BlackByrd Primitives
525 College Street
Milton, WI 53563

Check out their Facebook Page
to see when they're open ~
and of course all their other Goodness!
(they also sell at the Elkhorn Flea Market)

Thanks so much ~
Tom, Sandy & Monica
I had a Blast!

Time to hit the road ~

Primberry Antiques is our next stop ~

I'm going to let you browse
and let you take it all in!

Do you know what this is???

I should have this sign ~ don't you think???

Wasn't that an Awesome shop???
I can't wait to go back there again!!!
You'll find all that Goodness at ~
Primberry Antiques
1302 Gardner Street
South Beloit, IL 61080

Don't forget to tell Adam that I sent Ya!!!

Just down the street you'll find ~
Angela's Attic
1020 Gardner Street
South Beloit, IL 61080

This is a Huge antique mall!
I walked in and didn't stay long ~
only because I didn't have the time
I'll have to save that for another day!!!

Across the street from Angela's Attic is ~
Roscoe Antique Mall
1019 Gardner St
South Beloit, IL 61080

So if you're planning a road trip there are lots of places to visit in that area!

Time to get a move on ~
My next stop was ~
Primitive 'n Proper
8402 N. Second Street
Mackesney Park, IL 61115

Sorry I didn't take any pictures
But I highly recommend you make an effort to stop there
I found a lot of wonderful prims/antiques there!
They also made you feel very Welcomed!!!
Thanks Stevie King for your Hospitality ~
Sorry I bought the cradle you wanted to use for your fall display!!!

Check out their Facebook page ~

My next stop was ~
The Keeping Room
109 W. Main Street
Rockton, IL 61072

Sorry once again I didn't take pics
Time just wasn't on my side and I felt like I was being pushed out the door.
I think the girls that were working there that day had a dinner date.
(they were Not the owners of this shop)
So off I went
down the street from there is ~
Rubies ~ n ~ Rust
120 W. Main Street
Rockton, IL 61072

Another wonderful shop that I highly recommend you stop at..,
I found a lot of unique treasures at her shop!!!
I know ~ I'm sorry I didn't take pics
But in the mean time 
check out her Facebook
(They have a fall sale this coming weekend!)

Thanks so Much Tammy for all your help and making me feel welcomed!!!
I'll surely make an effort to stop back!!!

Guess what ~ it's closing time.
We have to call it a day...
I didn't make it to all the shops I had on my list :(


Until Next Time

It's All in the JOURNEY!