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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Over the Weekend

I did a little treasure hunting ~

It was a beautiful sunny day ~ perfect for a road trip!

Here's some of the treasures that came home with me ~

I've been looking for a vintage wagon at a good price!

A wonderful vintage shelf ~ I was thinking about painting it black ~ what do you think?
small vintage muffin tin, cow bell, some brushes, & wire basket.

Vintage cutter quilt bundle ~ so perfect for the summer holidays!

A nail barrel

vintage pie pans and vintage picture

Another barrel to hold my carnival sticks, walking canes & vintage umbrella's

I couldn't pass up this box ~ my husband is claiming this one!

I so love vintage baby shoes

~ Shaker Boxes ~
(There's two more nestled inside)

square butter mold

A pink baby head bottle

handmade flag

A blue enamel ware pan that I planted some flowers in.

Here's a closeup of the purplish pink flowers that I put in the enamel ware pan ~
Osteospermum ~ Pink Spoon

What have you been lucky enough to find lately???

Until Next Time
Many Blessings

Monday, May 25, 2015

On Memorial Day

We Honor You & We Thank You!

God Bless

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!


Monday, May 4, 2015

It all started with this ~

Yellow ware bowl.

I found this bowl on Craigslist and when I called about it the guy(Skip)said he had other items for sale and I could bring a friend.
I wanted to show my friend Jenny a picture of the bowl, but when I tried to find it on my phone I found a vintage rummage sale that was going on in Appleton and I was at work.  I called my sister Sandy and told her she had to make a run and check out some items for me ~ she did and found the items I was looking for.  Yeah!!!

When I got home from work I called my friend Misty and asked her if she wanted to go with me to see Skip and pick up my bowl ~ so Sunday we both headed out.  We went to see if they had anything left at the vintage rummage sale first and we scored ~ Yeah again!!!  Picked up my items from my sister and then headed out to get the bowl ~ yep Skip showed us around and I couldn't believe the stuff he had ~ oh my!

I felt like the American Pickers.  When they get to someones place and they show you their collections they have accumulated through the years and you show interest in something they are not willing to part with anything.  He sold us a few items but we wanted so much more.  He did take down our names and phone numbers and said when he's ready he'll give us a call ~ I'll patiently wait.
Since we were near an antique mall we decided to stop and look around.  Score!!!

Here's some of the goodies that came home with me ~
The baby shoes were one of the items I sent my sister to get aren't they cute?

Skip gave me the scissors for free!

I bought the jug from Skip and found the whisk brooms at the antique mall.
Skip wouldn't part with a whisk broom that he had even though he had a bunch ~ he said he uses them ~ LOL

I scored on the oil cans ~ it's getting harder to find them for $3.00 or less!

I'm going to try and make a bird house out of the coffee can ~ we'll see how that goes!

Skip sold me his hearth broom but not his whisk broom!

I also got the stool from Skip ~ he was a little reluctant at first because he stilled used it!

I also brought home a rusty vintage lawn mover ~ that I put in my flower bed ~
I forgot to take a picture of it ~ sorry.

All in all it was a fun picking day!!!

This weekend Terry is having his barn sale ~ we'll see what I find there!

This is Polly ~ I forgot to take a picture of her on my last post.
I picked her up at Cottage House Primitives.
Isn't she cute???

Until Next Time

You work hard
promise yourself a reward!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Anniversary


Loved you once,
Love you still,
Always have,
Always will!

Love Me!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Road Trip

to Cottage House Primitives in Lodi, WI and The Country Sampler in Spring Green, WI.

There was no disappointment in my road trip to Cottage House Primitives yesterday!
I just Love going to Carols shop ~ there are so many wonderful treasures to look at in her store.

Should we take a look???

Trust me there is lots to share!!!
Don't forget to click on pics to enlarge!

Anything catch your eye?

~ Keep it Simple ~

Opening to the new area of her shop.

I should of bought those pears!

Beautiful furniture pieces

~ Spring Delights ~

So much Eye Candy!

Items for the upcoming holidays.

I'll take one of each Please!

Love everything in here ~ even the curtains!

Great items to display in your dining room!

~ Love the color combinations ~

So many options!

Great selection of woolens too!

Thanks to both Carols for your hospitality!
It was a lot of fun finding some Awesome treasures to bring home!
If you've seen something you just can't live without give Carol a holler ~ she'll be glad to help you out!
To keep up with what's going on at her shop please visit her here and give her a thumbs up!

Sorry I didn't take any pics at Country Sampler.

But the drive there is breath taking ~ pictures don't do it any justice
especially mine since I take them while the car is moving : )

There are a lot of farms and old buildings through here also

The sun is starting to set ~ time to head home ~

Here's some of the goodies from Cottage House Primitives that came home with me ~

Isn't that sheep pic cute?

make-do wooden box, cute little chick and quill

some lovely woolens!

From The Country Sampler ~
red velvet, linens, fat quarters & stamps

Some cross stitch patterns

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until Next Time

It's always good to be Home!

Many Blessings