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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat ~ Bring it on!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
We had Trick or Treating last night ~ Let the fun begin!!!

Trick or Treat???   Give me something good to eat!!!

A Haunting we will go!!!

Always better to stay in a group!!!

Vera's Spooktacular House!

Some Trick or Treaters that came to my house!
My Granddaughter ~ Keyarra!!!

My Haunted House!!!

Zeke ~ named after my husband!!!

DL ~ Anita!

My favorite creature in the graveyard!!!

Me! ~ Vampire Bat!!!

Until Next time
I hope you all have/had a Spooktacular Halloween!!!

Prim Blessings

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween tonight

It's Halloween tonight
and dark as dark can be.
With witches on thier broom sticks,
swooping through the breeze.

Spooks and goblins every where
and the misty moons a glow.
Watch out for the boogie man.
He's sure to chase you home.

It's Halloween a time for fright,
as spooky as can be.
The vampires in thier coffen beds,
awaiting midnight feasts.

Skeltons with thier bones a creaking
while spiders spin their webs.
Black cats on the prowl this night.
This night for the walking dead.

It's Halloween tonight.
A time for tricks and treats.
The ghosts will haunt you
through the night
and chase you in
the streets.

So listen to me when I say,
"This is not just an ordinary day".
Just watch your step
and don't look back.
For tonight it's Halloween!
        Hope you all have a Spooktacular Halloween!
    Prim Blessings

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Got Some Halloween Decorations Up!

I finally got some Halloween decorations up inside my house.  Yippee!
I haven't done anything outside yet ~ it's just to windy!
Here is just a sampling of some of my decor! 
Hope you enjoy!
Trick Or Treat???

Mr. Mummy he Welcomes you to step inside!

The pinkeep I purchased from Soft In The Head!

My spider web framed art, Witches hat and really I'm always here!

My grouping on my dining room table!

Grouping on top of an old sewing machine table.

The Awesome Witch doll I got from Tammy ~ A Primitive Place!

Happy Halloween!!!

A Witch Board I Made!

My grouping on the living room table.

Oh ~ So Scary!

Here's Hoping Everyone Has a Spooktacular Halloween!!!
Prim Blessings

Monday, October 17, 2011

So Many Thank-You's!!!

First and foremost I would like to Thank all my wonderful new followers for following me!
I really appreciate it that you find my little world interesting.
I would also like to Thank everyone that takes the time to comment  ~ Your comments mean so much to me and always make me smile!

I recently was a winner on the PFATT blog giveaway!  http://pfatt.blogspot.com/
I won this beautiful Pumpkin Head Ornie from Rebecca at Miller Campbell Designs!
Thank - You soooo much Rebecca ~  I Love It!
Rebecca is a very talented artist! If you please check out her beautiful artwork at:
Thanks to all the wonderful Artist at PFATT for hosting this spooktacular giveaway!

I also recently won 2nd place on the PAFA blog giveaway!  http://primitiveandfolkartists.blogspot.com/
I got to choose 3 prizes!!!  They have so many talented artist in this group it was really hard to decide!
This is what I won!

A beautiful gypsy witch pillow!
Crafted from Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls ~ http://sassyminidolls.blogspot.com/
Thank - You Marsha ~ Your the best!  I'm a big Halloween nut, so this fits right in!!!

And I won these Awesome Witch and Broom Ornies from Deb at Paxton Valley Folk Art
Aren't these the best!  I Love Them!!!  I had the perfect bowl to display them in.
Thanks Deb!  You do amazing work!!!
Thanks to all the talented Artist at PAFA for hosting this wonderful giveaway!!!

If you haven't heard I won one of Brenda's wonderful giveaways!!!
I received these wonderful pumpkins with a crow!  Thank-You Thank-You!!!!
If that wasn't enough she also sent~
A primitive crow ornie to hang on my willow tree! Thanks again Brenda ~ Your the best!
Please take the time to go visit Brenda over at The Rusty Thimble!
She truly does have the most wonderful creations and she always has some kind of giveaway going on!!!

I also won Traci's giveaway!!! (I'm starting to feel spoiled!) I won a $20.00 gift certificate to spend at her wonderful store!!! Boy that was hard ~ she had so many wonderful things to choose from!!!
This is what I received ~ The cutest corn cob prairie doll, grungy witch pumpkin, pantry cakes, (these look so real and smell so Divine ~ my husband thought he could eat them! LOL) Gingerbread cookies,(I Love These! I have the perfect bowl to display them in at Christmas time!) She also sent some star cupboard tucks and added the orange slices and sweet annie!  The box smelled so good when I opened it.  Thank - You Traci  for hosting this wonderful giveaway!  I had a lot of fun!!!
Please take the time to go visit Traci over at York Mountain Primitives, she has many wonderful creations to fill your home with!  http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/

And Last but not Least!
I was in a Prairie Harvest Swap that Amy from Bumble Bee Lane was hosting!  Thanks Amy for hosting this wonderful swap!  http://bumblebeelanecottage.blogspot.com/

Wendy from Ravenwood Whimzies was my partner!  Oh my gosh look what she all sent me!!!
I feel very blessed to of had Wendy as a swap partner!
She sent so many wonderful things ~ A bag of acorns, book holder with candle, prim heart door hanger, the cutest pilgrim couple!, a wooden pineapple bowl, some wonderful smelling waxed corn cobs, some pumpkins, and a wonderful smelling waxed covered jar with a candle inside!  Thank you sooooo much Wendy ~ I LOVE IT ALL!!!!
Please take the time to visit Wendy, She would love to hear from you!  You won't be disappointed!!!

Thank -You everyone for all the wonderful gifts!!! It sure felt like Christmas around here!!!!

Until Next Time!

Happy Fall Ya'll !!!

Prim Blessings

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Best Weekend!

I had the BEST weekend!
This Post is going to be loaded with lots of pictures and eye candy!
So grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy!
Maybe a snack too!!!
If you haven't heard I went to Northville, MI to attend the Ghoultide Gatherings show.
Have to get your tickets to get in the show!

I got to meet a lot of very talented artist!
~ Joyce Stahl from Enchanted Production Dolls ~
Joyce makes some really awesome spooktacular dolls!
If you please go check her out here ~ http://joycestahl.blogspot.com/

Scott Smith!
I call him the Head Honcho ~ he's the one that puts this spectacular show together!
Scott does some breathtaking art sculptures (like the pumpkin head scarecrow above and below)
Please check him out here ~ http://rucusstudio.blogspot.com/

My Favorite Artist! ~ Pam Gracia ~
"Soft in the Head" Folkart
Pam is one of those kind hearted people!
Not only does she sell amazing artwork ~ she sells patterns too!
Pam is amazing I am just awed by her artwork!
Please give her a visit here ~ http://softinthehead.blogspot.com/

I bought this Beautiful Pumpkin Pin Keep from Pam!
Some of my goodies I got from the show!

After the show we went downtown to check out the shops.
There are a lot of wonderful art galleries!
~Broken Glass Window Frame~
I thought this pumpkin man was adorable!
Sorry I can't show you what I bought ~ they are Christmas gifts
They also had a car show going on downtown.
I found my Bat Mobile!  LOL

On Sunday before heading home we stopped in St. Joseph, MI and went to this awesome flea market on the Bluff!
View from the flea market!
So many prims!

My favorite booth!
She had the most amazing vintage sewing items!
Look at all the beautiful vintage pinkeeps she had!
I bought this beautiful sewing drawer from her!
I did get her business card to share with all of you ~ but for the life of me ~ I can't find it.
(To the nice gal that sold me this, if you read this Please contact me via email)

My goodies I bought at the flea market!

After the flea market we headed south and stopped in Laporte, IND
We found a wonderful Antique Store  "Coachman Antique Mall"
Located at 500 Lincoln Way

My goodies from there!
Isn't this pencil box the best?

Our journey continues ~ it's getting late!
Traffic is heavy!
About 3 more hours to go!

We're getting closer to HOME!

We arrived Home around 10:00 p.m. Sunday night.
I hope you all enjoyed my fun filled weekend!
Until next time!
I hope you all get to see many sunsets in your lifetime!
Prim Blessings