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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nor Rain, Sleet or Snow and Cold ~

Are Not going to stop me from treasure hunting!
Picture Heavy Post!!!

It's that time of year when you start to yearn to go to flea markets and find some wonderful vintage treasures.
So what's a girl to do ~ 
My girlfriend Diane and I had made plans to go treasure hunting and had to reschedule because of the frigid temperatures in the beginning of the month so we made plans to go on the 20th.
When I woke up ~ it was snowing ~ I don't care we're going.
Took some pics on our travels to ~

I must say this is one of my favorite places to visit.

They have so many wonderfully displayed booths!!!

We had a wonderful time!!!

Here's some of the treasures I found on this trip ~
 an old pipe box and magnifying glass

 vintage book(1917) ~ baby bottle

 vintage cookie cutters & such

vintage flour sifter/clothes pins and vintage cookie cutter.

I told my niece Niki about our travels and told her she would like this place.
Of course she said lets go.
This past Sunday was our day to go.
Guess what???  It was snowing again!!!
Put your seat belt on!

Saw this on our travels.

We made it!!!

A wonderful display of vintage wind up toys.

This caught my eye.

I have one of these Lincoln bank bottles.
I didn't pay $90 for it though!!!

Of course we had a wonderful time treasure hunting!

Here's some of the treasures I found on this trip.
My favorite find ~
Old farm tote made from cobblers shoe set box.

vintage tool box & ruler

vintage "rare" sad iron shipping crate

Buttons & Tins


vintage pic, book & cup

A relish tray filled with vintage sewing goodies
Here's what it looks like from the top ~

Until Next Time
Pack a Lunch
Enjoy your Journey!!!
Prim Blessings

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Weather ~

has been something else lately.
You just don't know how to dress.

Yep we had those frigid cold temps ~ -50 with the wind chill ~ brrr....

Then we had those awful rain storms ~
and everything turned into a sheet of ice ~ which I think is the worst!

Yesterday was like a spring day ~ the ice was slowly melting and the roads were clear.
So I went out to find me some treasures.

Look at these beauties I found ~
I've been looking for a pair of vintage shoes~ and they were a good price!!!
I also found these treasures ~
a pair of vintage gloves
I love the vintage glass that has my name on it.
My newest item I'm on the hunt for ~ vintage iron sprinklers ~ I found one ~ let the hunt begin!!!

Today when I woke up it was snowing ~



Yep it's still snowing as I'm writing this 
I'm so glad we don't have to use one of these ~
Not much has been happening around here.
We got a new refrigerator ~
I Love it!!!
and I took my Christmas creations down in my booth and added some Valentine goodies

What have you been up to???

Until Next Time
Stay Warm
may the roads safely lead you home!!!

Prim Blessings

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Day of the New Year!

Good Bye 2013
Welcome 2014!!!

I would like to Thank all my customers for a great Year and Thanks to all the wonderful friends I've met along the way!!!
I feel truly blessed!

I hope this New Year brings many Joys!!!

Until Next Time
Happy New Year!!!
Prim Blessings