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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Been Having Some Fun!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
Been having some fun the last couple of days!
Sunday we went to our friends ~ Charlies ~ for a cookout.
It was a beautiful day!
Clear skies!

Charlie has a lot of property ~ so what to do?
Go four wheelin'!

After having some fun ~ time to eat!
Prime Rib and Asparagus ~ YUM!!!

Monday we went to the movie Brave!
The girls really liked it ~ I thought it was a good movie too!!!

Didn't really do much on Tuesday worth talking about.

Wed. We loaded up the dogs to go swimming!
From left to right
My daughters dog ~ Honey
Our dogs ~ Dolly ~ Buster ~ Chewey~

We headed to Two Rivers
Point Beach State Forest!
Along Lake Michigan

It was such a beautiful ~ warm day!
We walked for miles!

The dogs were having a ball!
chasing freesbies, the throw dummy
Sea Gulls!!!

It was such a PEACEFUL place to be!

By the end of the day
we were all pooped!!!

Today I didn't do much  ~ SO HOT & HUMID!

Until Next Time
I hope you all find something
Fun to do and Enjoy the Moment!!!
Prim Blessings

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Signs Signs Everybody Needs A Sign!!!

Good Sunday Morning to Everyone!!!
Remember those piles of boards I showed in a couple of post back.
I've been working away!!!
My Sweet sister Sandy came over a couple of days this week to help me!
I don't know what I would do without her ~ Thanks so much Sandy!
I got these boards all ready for staining and sealing!

My house is a mess though!
I've got painted boards all over the place!
They are stacked all over my dining room table!

On chairs and the floor!
Signs ~ Everybody needs a sign!!!
Hopefully the humidity goes away ~ sealing doesn't do well in humid weather!

Speaking about weather ~ it has been raining off and on here the last couple of days.
We'll get a torrential downpour ~

Then ~
Bright sunny skies with the big fluffy clouds!
Love these clouds ~ remember laying on a blanket when I was a kid and saying that one looks like a .... Oh the good ole days!!!

I have to share!
I was at Walmart the other day and I always have to look at the magazines to see whats new.
Look what I found!
This Magazine ~ Secondhand Treasures is well worth the buy ~ $9.99!!!
I also got my Mercantile Gatherings Magazine ~ can't wait to see whats inside!

Today we're going to go to a friends for a cookout!
Prime rib on the grill ~ YUM!!!
I have to make some caramel bars and salads so I better get going!
Hope you all have a Wonderful Day!

Until Next Time
Happiness is a healthy mental attitude, a grateful spirit, and a clear heart full of love.

Prim Blessings

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yep It's My Birthday ~ Nope I'm not going to tell you how old I am!!!...Smile....
So without further ado ~ lets have a giveaway!!!
This giveaway is for my CURRENT followers only!!!!
Don't post this on your sidebar!!!
I'm giving away a address book with a rooster on it and one of my Red Rooster Game Co.  signs that was made by little old me!!!  You never know what else I might throw in!!!
I know we all like surprises!!!

So Here are the rules:
1).  You must be a current follower ~ New followers are always welcome here ~ but you'll have to wait until the next giveaway to enter ~ SORRY!

2).  You must tell me when your Birthday is ~ and your favorite kind of candy!!!
(Don't forget to do this)

3).  You must comment on this post only!!!

That's it ~ Easy Peasy!!!
Good Luck to Everyone!!!

I will draw the winner on July 8th!!!


Until Next Time

Life is like a mirror -
we get the best results when we smile at it!!!

Prim Blessings

Friday, June 15, 2012

This & That!!!

Yep ~ I'm trying to play catch-up Again!!!
The days of summer are just to darn busy ~ always something to do or that needs to be done.
What happened to the Lazy Days???

So lets catch-up with what has been going on the last couple of weeks.
If things are going to happen they are going to happen to me!
I finally got my husband to cut all my boards for me ~ for making signs.
I was sitting outside going through all my stencils ~ and what in the world is
It landed on my arm.  Oh my gosh I went into a fit ~ screaming ~ arms flying ~ jumping around like my pants are on fire.
Seriously ~ wouldn't you???
My neighbors probably get a good laugh out of me
"That's Robin ~ she must of seen a bug or something"
Look at those Antenna's on that thing!

If that's not enough
One weekend I was to meet my sister Sandy at a Flea Market
When this happened ~ Let the 3 fur babies out before I had to leave ~ mind you all Golden Retrievers
I told all 3 ~ I'm running late ~ go do your thing and get back up to the house.
Two of the dogs went to the back yard ~ the youngest of the three went the other way ~ I yelled at him and said Buster get out in the back yard ~ get out of my Hydrangea bushes.  All of sudden he yanked his head out and was shaking it back and forth so fast ~ I thought what in the world is he doing ~ I kinda squinted my eyes and thought to myself ~ That's an awfully fluffy toy ~ Then ~ You don't have a toy that looks like that ~ I walked closer to the railing on our deck and realized it was a raccoon ~ Oh my Lord!!!  I started screaming trying to get him to drop this animal and also trying to keep the other two away ~ when he finally dropped it ~ the darn thing would run towards me hissing and putting his paw up ~ then one of the other dogs would snatch it up.  I kid you not I was screaming "PLEASE ~ Someone help me" for over twenty minutes. ~ Yes some neighbors were outside ~ NO - NOBODY came to help me ~ I was exhausted.  When I finally got all the dogs up on the deck ~ I had to call my neighbor to get rid of the raccoon.  Poor thing was suffering.
To top it off ~ When I was walking one of my dogs on the walking trail behind my house last night there were 3 raccoons down there.  Do you think they were looking for REVENGE??

O.k. on to better and brighter things!
I did make it to the Flea Market and found a few treasures.
Yep ~ Some more bottles ~ the tallest one is an old juice bottle with a child's face imprinted in the glass and the other bottle is an old baby bottle with dogs imprinted in the glass and a cute creamer spoon.

Beautiful pewter creamer and saucer!

and I found these wonderful old books from around 1885 - 1895 1st editions
I just Love old books ~ especially when they were only $1.00 each!

When I was walking back to my car after the Flea Market I saw the new billboard sign for
Primitive Gatherings
I love to go to this shop ~ she has so many wonderful things!

I also went Barn Pickin' and took my friend Vera and her husband Chuck along.
Found a few treasures there too!

A wonderful old scale ~ When I got home I noticed one of the patents was my B-day ~ not the year of course!!!

A vintage seed sack!

A vintage feed sack ~ I believe?  I'm going to use it as a table runner!

Vintage carnival sticks ~ does anybody remember these???

This wonderful old heater ~ I'm going to use it as a plant stand on my porch!

Vera and Chuck got an old ladder and made it into a grape arbor ~ such a wonderful idea!
(Sorry I didn't get a pic)
They also bought a piece of an old grain conveyor belt and made it into a plant hanger!
How cool is that???

Here's my feed sack on my dining room table ~ What do you think???

On June 7th was my son ~ Michael's B-day so we had a picnic lunch in the park!
We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful day!

My son Michael and my daughter Amanda!

I made up a few ditty bags for the 4th of July
What do you think???

My finger healed up nicely
Still swollen
and still can't bend it very far ~ but I'm working on it ~ no matter how painful it is!

Well I better sign off and catch up with you all later  ~ I've got lots of boards I have to work on!
Tomorrow I'm going to Strawberry Fest in Waupaca!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
Until Next Time 
Prim Blessings

P.S. Sorry that was a long one ~ I'll try not to get so far behind next time!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bee Happy Swap!

Amy from Bumble Bee Lane was my swap partner for the Bee Happy Swap!
Amy was also the host for this wonderful swap!
The theme was Bee's ~ Birds ~ Flowers
Let me tell you Amy really spoiled and surprised me on this one.
Lets take a peek
All good things come wrapped in Boyds tissue paper!!!

Amy sent me these wonderful cupboard tucks ~ the bee, beehive and flower  ~ Jean from Prim Crafts made and the beehive pillow tuck she got from Brenda ~ The Rusty Thimble ~ too funny, because I sent Amy the same pillow tuck!!!  A Beautiful wreath that has cute little baskets hanging from it and a wonderful ditty bag with Thyme stitched on the front.

I'm so tickled with joy ~ Amy made me one of her wonderful wax  pineapples ~ I've been wanting one of those!!!  I wish you could all smell it ~ the smell is so divine ~ I love walking past it and getting a good whiff ~ my dining room smells so wonderful.  Awesome!!!

The best for last!
I couldn't believe Amy sent me this ~ to be honest I bawled like a baby ~ happy tears!

A Mohair Boyds Pooh Bear!!!
He's a big fellow and sooooo darn cute!
Amy ~ I still shake my head and can't believe you sent me this!!!
Thank-You Soooooo Much!!!!

Please take the time and stop over at Amy's blog if you're not already a follower ~ she shares many wonderful things.  Amy is also having a Ditty Bag Swap Sign-up going on right now ~ you don't want to miss it. 
Thanks again Amy ~ I LOVE EVERYTHING you sent me!!!
You truly are a wonderful friend to have!
Thanks also for putting this wonderful swap together!

Until Next Time
Prim Blessings