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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Snowing in WI

Oh my gosh it started snowing lightly yesterday morning and as the day progressed the bigger and harder it started to snow. 
Like being in a snow globe!
When I awoke this morning it was still snowing ~ WHAT????
We were only suppose to get 1 - 2 inches of snow!

A cute snowman in the park!

I just love it when the snow sits on the pine boughs ~ like a Christmas card!

Drive Carefully :) 
Looks slippery :(

I feel like I'm in Alaska!
Remember my Snowman I showed you yesterday???
Now he looks like ~
A Cone Head!
I'm going to stay inside today and work on spring projects until I have to go to work.
Until Next Time
Enjoy your day!
Prim Blessings

Friday, December 28, 2012

X-mas Decor

Hello Prim Friends!
I never found the time to show any Christmas decor around the homestead.
I guess better late than never.
So here it goes ~ grab a cup of Joe!
These are some of my favorites ~
~In the Kitchen~
My collection of red handle cookie cutters.

My woolie gingers


~In the Dinning room~

I just got this child's desk

Remember the stepback cupboard I showed you awhile back that I wanted???
Here it is ~
I'm so glad I got it!
I had so much fun decorating it for the Holidays.

One of my snowmen trees ~ Love snowmen!!!

~My Living room~

I hope you all had a wonderful and joyful Christmas.
I sure did and will embrace the memories that we made with family and friends.
Today it is snowing lightly ~ maybe it would be a good day to go build a snowman!
Until Next Time!
Find the inner child in you!
Prim Blessings

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas!

Wishing you all a
Very Merry Christmas
from the bottom
of my Heart.
I Hope you all have a Wonderful day
creating Fond Memories with
Family and Friends.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Day Before Winter!!!


It's a BLIZZARD outside!
It started to snow last night around midnight ~ right when I was just getting home from work.
"I'm Dreaming Of A White CHRISTMAS"
When I got up this morning around 8 a.m.
This is how much we got.
Of course it's the wet heavy kind.
A good day to build a snowman!  "Frosty the Snowman"
So I shoveled for a couple of hours ~ yep my arms are sore and I'm soaked ~ even my underwear are soaked ~ you wanted to know that didn't you???
But you know ~ You gotta get the camera and take some pictures too!
So here we go ~ get your hat and mittens on!
"Winter Wonderland"

"It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"
It's a good day to stay inside and bake
Gingerbread Men!
Do some

because ~
"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS!"
Until Next Time
Enjoy the Moment
If it is Snowing
by You
Stay Safe
My Friend
Prim Blessings

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Swap!!!

Good Morning Prim Friends!
Amy from over at Bumble Bee Lane put together another wonderful swap.
This one was called Gingerbread Swap.
Amy and I were partners on this swap and once again Amy spoiled me!
Let's take a peek shall we ~

A wonderful Santa ornament from Boyds!
I just love Boyds ~ as most of you know I collect Boyds plush bears and accessories.
(I know I've been promising to show my collection and I will get on that!)

A huge hooked stocking ~ and I do have a lot of wishes that could fit inside!!!
Can you guess were this came from?  If you guessed Boyds ~ your right!!!

I just Love this folk art snowman with his big smile ~ so me!

and look at these wonderful prim pears!
If you know Amy ~ she doesn't sew much so when you get something like this you know they came straight from the heart!!!
Yep there is more ~

Oh ~ I just Love this!!!
I Love the way Amy packaged this up.
Blacken Santa snuggled in sheep's wool which reminds me of his beard and jingle bells! 
What Santa doesn't have jingle bells? 
Here's a close-up of Santa!

So Sweet!

A yummy smelling candle, a Boyds bearwear angel pin and a Boyds card!
Thanks so much Amy ~ you really spoiled me with soooo many wonderful goodies!
I had so much fun finding the perfect spot to show them off!
If your not a follower of Amy ~ jump on over and pay her a visit!
"Friends, like gingerbread,
sprinkle our lives with
sugar and spice!"
Until Next Time!
Prim Blessings

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

***Let it Snow***Let it Snow***Let it Snow***

Well Hello there Prim Friends!
It's been a while since we chatted.
So sorry about that ~ just a tad bit busy around here.
I'm still behind ~ but I guess that is called life.
I wanted to post the other day ~ darn computer just didn't want me to.
I couldn't get on the Internet ~ Thanks Honey for fixing it for me!

On Sunday we had our first official snowfall!!!
(We didn't get tons of snow but at least it isn't all brown looking outside.)
My Granddaughter came over for the day and helped me decorate the trees in my dining room.
It really made it a festive fun day with the snow falling.
I will show my Christmas decor in another post.
I just have some finishing touches to do. 
When Keyarra and I were done with the decorations and clean up.
We decided to go for a ride out in the country to look at Christmas lights.
It sure was pretty with the newly fallen snow.
***Lets go for a Ride***

Thanks so much for coming along!
I can't wait to do it again!!!
I hope it snows again soon!
Until Next Time
Savor the moment!!!
Prim Blessings