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Monday, May 20, 2013

I needed that ~

Yesterday we went for a boat ride on Lake Winnebago.
I really needed that ~
It was such a Beautiful day!!!
(post is picture heavy)
I had so many pic's
Enjoy the view ~
My cousin Charlie just bought a boat and invited us for a ride!

They had to open the bridges so we could go through ~
That was kinda cool to see!

I think I could live here ~

When we were waiting for the train track bridge to open ~
There was this boy on shore yelling at us ~
"Please come and pick me up ~ I took boaters safety ~ I want to go for a ride ~ PLEASE"
I was laughing so hard ~ he was so cute ~ of course I had to take a picture!

It was so nice to sit back and take in the views ~
No worries ~ refreshing!
I didn't think about all the projects I have to do ~

My Husband ~ Zeke ~ he was in his glory!!!

We stopped at Columbia Park ~ Pipes WI
I got half way up and my knees started to wobble!
That's as far as I go ~
Beautiful views ~
I like how you can see the shadows from the trees!

This robin was so cute ~ it was like she was posing for the camera!

Time to head home ~

THANKS Charlie for a really fun day!!!
I can't wait to go again!!!
Until Next Time
Take it slow!!!
Prim Blessings

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To All My Friends ~

Hope your day is filled with much
Love ~ Sunshine & Happiness

Prim Blessings

Friday, May 10, 2013


Yesterday we got to go to the first barn pickin' of the year!!!

So Excited here!!!
Oh the anticipation ~ What will we find???

Lets go and take a peek shall we ~

Going up ~
Coming down!

My daughter ~ Amanda on the far right ~ she is getting that big pickle jar next to Niki.
Too Fun!!!
Even the chickens were fun!!!
Terry says he has a 4 o'clock rooster for sale!!!

This is what I got ~
The tote on top of the crate is a B-day present for my niece.
I hope she likes it!!!
I love the wash board ~
This is what it says on the back of the wash board
I got this ~
I've been wanting an old egg crate that was is good shape and for a good price.
I was tickled to find it!!!
Oh ~ When do we get to go again??? 
I can't wait!!!
Until Next Time
Collect what you Love
Love what you do!!!
Prim Blessings

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where Oh Where have you Been???

Hello Prim Friends!
Sorry I've been missing again ~ it's been awhile!
I just can't seem to catch up with everything going on.
I've been trying to read blogs but fall behind ~ I guess that's life.
Now it's spring ~ finally ~ and there's so much to do.
I'll try to catch you up with what's been going on in my neck of the woods.
Picture heavy post!!!
Last time we talked I was going to my nephews wedding.
It was a Beautiful wedding and we had a wonderful time.
Congratulations to Adam and Sarah!!!
May you both have a long life together with much Happiness!
At the wedding they had a anniversary dance with couples being married the longest.
As the years added up the couples dwindled ~ they got to 64 years and there was one couple left on the dance floor ~
Congratulations Aunt Tootie & Uncle Bruce! 
Wow 64 years!!! 
They asked for any advice ~ Uncle Bruce said: When the wife says something ~
You just say Yes Dear!!!
Spring has finally arrived ~ I hope here in Wisconsin.
I love to go for walks and going for bike rides.
On those journeys there is so much to soak in.
The robin came back and built another nest in our bushes.
No eggs yet ~ but I'll be watching!
The trees are starting to bud ~
and showing signs of new growth ~
and new life ~
The bunnies are out ~
along with the children ~
Oh I just love Spring and all that it brings!
I've also have been busy creating and working on projects ~
You all know that is never ending ~ that's what we love to do.
So I've been working on boards ~ so many to sand ~

because we all need a sign ~
I've also been making dolls ~
Nutmeg ~ TFC Folk Art pattern
and some stitchin'
Country Rustic Primitives design

Stacy Nash design

another Stacy Nash design.
That it for now ~ I better get busy!!!
So much to do
such Little Time!!!
What have you been up to or working on???
Are you starting to work on fall projects???
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!
Until Next Time
Hope for the best,
be prepared for the worst,
and take what comes with a grin!
Prim Blessings