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Monday, January 26, 2015

I went ~

Treasure hunting again this past Saturday!

Here's just a few things that caught my eye~

I've been looking for some jugs ~ but these were a little out of my price range.

Oh ~ I liked this egg crate ~ haven't seen one like this.

Another beautiful jug!

I haven't seen a metal soda bottle cap keeper before ~ Have you???

Sweet pig!

A beautiful basket!

A wonderful blanket chest.

Longberger baskets!

Did anything make your heart skip a beat???

I realized I didn't post any pictures of the goodies I found on my recent trips.
So I will do that now ~

I'm not sure what the metal mill was used for but i liked the look of it and it had a red handle!
A wonderful red Schilling coffee tin to add to my collection.

A beautiful cutter quilt and vintage scissors.

vintage photo's ~ slider box and vintage ruler.

A beautiful Bible from the early 1900's and make do candle holder.

A lovely child's chair, rolling pin, bourbon bottle & cabinet card.

A whole bunch of goodies!!!

Vintage books ~ so loved the covers on these.

vintage shoes

Bobbin, fan grader, butter crock, jar of vintage marbles, cookie cutter, buttons & thread spools.

& my favorite find ~
A Gotham baby bottle from 1891.

On Feb. 7th I'm planning on going to an Antique show in Waukesha Wi.
Is anyone else planning on attending this show???
Let me know!!!

Until Next Time

Seek out small pleasures


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Part 3 ~ What catches your eye

When you go treasure hunting???

Sorry I got a little sidetracked.

Our next stop was at the Pardeeville Antiques Mall.

Here's some goodies that caught my eye ~

Boy ~ I've been seeing a lot of thread displays ~ some day I'll get one!

I'm always partial to children's chairs (especially red ones) and wagons...


He caught my eye ~ loved the colors.

Candlestick phone (this one was a toy) and scissors.

This one is a toy too ~ Oh the stories it could tell!

The perfect blue ~

Oh ~ I so fell in Love with these!

Vintage sewing machine ~ A most wonderful display piece for your creative space!

I've never seen a scale like this one!

Oh my gosh a whole display of those little shoes and gloves too!

Some little boy was happy to get this ~ I bet!

If only I had the room ~ what a beautiful primitive piece.

A wonderful display of primitives 

Vintage Halloween!

Loved the cow bell ~ 

Would be a great display piece for your bar area or game room!

Tattered and Torn ~ just the way I like them.

Oh Boy that was a fun filled day 
I think I've got ~
Do You???

If anything caught your eye and you want to inquire about it 
Here's the place ~

Pardeeville Antiques Mall
103 Industrial Dr.
Pardeeville, WI 53954

Until Next Time

Too much of a good thing
is Wonderful!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Part 2 ~ What catches your eye

when you go treasure hunting???

Today we're heading over to River City Antique Mall.
(One of my all time favorites to take a road trip to!!!)

Lets see what goodies they have that might make ya drool ~

J & P Coats store display ~ wouldn't this be awesome for your creative space!

Winds Butter Krust Bread ~ Store display ~ oh the possibilities

vintage pencil box

Diamond Dyes store display ~ love the graphics on this beauty!

Kept Fresh Coffee ~ store display

Vintage phones ~ my favorite a candlestick

vintage doll clothes & doll quilt ~ so precious

Santa chocolate molds

Easter is coming ~ how about a vintage bunny chocolate mold?

I just love vintage marbles

vintage ornaments ~ so much fun!

**So Sweet**

Love! Why didn't I buy those shoes???

So love it all!!!

I want it All ~ if only I lived in a bigger house and my pockets were full!!!

Such a Beauty!!!

Vintage Converse wind up toy Roadster ~ this was found in an attic!
What a great find!!!

Who doesn't like Hershey bars???

Square vintage gas container ~ I don't have one of these in my collection.

Well what did ya think???
Did anything catch your eye???
If something did and you want to inquire about it you may do so here ~

Woolbright's River City Antique Mall
328 S. Fulton St.
Princeton, WI 54968

Tomorrow we will be heading to Pardeeville Antiques Mall!
Thanks for following along!

Until Next Time
I hope you find something that catches your eye!