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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Primitive Hutch has been open for 1 month!

Hello Everyone! Today is another Day. Not just another day but a good day, not only has The Primitive Hutch been open for 1 month but it is also my Birthday! Wow another year older! Hopefully this year is as good as the last. It's been a busy year trying to set up the web site and looking at other avenues. Looking for other artist and crafters to put some of their wares on my web site, I'm hoping a very talented artist that lives right next door to me does some beautiful paintings and more to add to the site. She does some awesome painted ornaments too! Keep watching!
My honey of a husband is cooking some awesome food on the grill tonight for my birthday so I'm trying to write this post quick before he says its ready. I have a lot of cakes and treats the kids and grand kids brought over to.
I would like to thank everyone for reading my post and visiting my web site, Thanks in advance for your support.
I better get busy, I have some doll patterns and other projects to get done.
Have a Great Day! Prim Blessing! ~ Robin from The Primitive Hutch ~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello to everyone!

Hello to everyone out there in cyber world! I'm new at this so please bear with me.
I've just opened my first web site and I'm very excited about it. I opened my store The Primitive Hutch, May 17th 2010. I carry primitive hand-crafted items in my store. I don't have alot to offer at this time but hopefully we will grow. I have a good friend Mary who is joining me on this journey she makes the lotion bars and I might add they are wonderful! She also has some other plans in the making so please watch for more exciting items coming soon! I would also like to Thank Sunset Hill Stoneware for providing me with some awesome needful pottery. (not only do they help me out with the pottery I also work there so I see the creations unfold.) I will be adding some more signs soon to the web site (as soon as the hubby gets out his camera) For now please enjoy the web site and visit often! Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated. Prim Blessings! Robin www.primitivehutch.com