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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Can't Believe My Eyes! It's April

Good Evening Everyone!
 Yes I can't believe my eyes ~ It's April and we are having a snow storm!
Earlier this afternoon it started to snow  ~ Aren't we suppose to have April showers?
Around 4:00 when I was getting ready to go to work it started to thunder and lightning.
The thunder was so loud the house shook.  Some people lost their power and the lightning knocked out their phone service.  I guess they call it a thunder snow storm ~ I would rather have the rain.
This is what it looked like on my way to work ~ driving wasn't very much fun.
 It just kept snowing and snowing!
I thought for sure we wouldn't have been busy ~ why does every body go out to eat when the weather is this bad?  I couldn't believe that some even brought their small children out in this ~ the roads were terrible.
I don't even think the snow plows were out ~ I think with the price of gas it would put them way over their budget!  
This snow was that heavy wet stuff that stuck to everything.
When I got done with work around  ten o'clock this it what it looked like.

So you can compare or comprehend how much snow we have so far ~ yes it's still snowing.
I'll show you a  picture when it started to snow and what it looked like when I got home.

Look at all the snow on the picnic table!

And my lounge chairs!
 I hope everyone stays safe from this storm and I hope tomorrow is a better day!
Until next time

Prim Blessings!


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh my gosh Robin, I thought we had it bad yesterday when we got two inches but you win! Yikes that's a lot of snow. Hope it melts real quick, stay warm! Deb

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Lol... I had to laugh at all that snow even tho it isn't funny at all but I'm on an island whre it is 31 degrees, storming to beat all.I'm in my camper that is not built for winter weather so the heaters are blasting trying to keep out the wind that is just ripping threw here. the rain sounds like someone dropping a load of little pebbles on the camper.. Snow rain cold weather and its almost May... to weird totally to wierd..
You stay warm and safe too!!


cottageprims said...

We get one day nice then back down to cold and rain.I wouldn't mind the snow but it really is time for spring..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Mila said...

OMG Robin...I can't believe me too!
You have right...it's April...or November?
The snow was the only missing thing able to make the situation orrible...
Stay warm!
Hugs & Smiles,
Mila :)

The Rusty Nickel said...

Ugh, Robin, I saw on the weather channel you guys got lots up that way. It's still spitting here and it's still holding on. Some of it has melted, but not enough! Just hoping for good easter egg hunting weather on Sunday. Have a great day!

~Madalynne~ said...

Hopefully Mother Nature extends summer to make up for that nonsense!

Angie Berry said...

Holy Moly, that's a lot of snow in April!! I hate driving in that wet kind of snow. We don't go out at all when it snows. It's a great excuse to be home! I hope it melted quick for you.