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Monday, June 13, 2011

Flea Market Finds!

I've been meaning to post this for awhile ~ just haven't  had the time.
Last Sat. I went to my first flea market for the season.  I've been itching to go after seeing every one's wonderful finds here in blogland.  
I always seem to get scheduled  to work on Sat. nights, so I have to stick close to home ~ and believe me there are not many flea markets close to home.  
The flea market I went to only has them the first Sat. of every month.  I jumped into the car as soon as I got up ~ and believe me that wasn't fast enough.  
I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could.
 This is where the flea market was held ~ M. Schettl
This truly is an out of mall experience!
They have statue's and displays all through the grounds and their buildings are packed with unusual finds.

 I thought these were cool ~ the bottle trees ~ even the gazebo had colorful bottles all over it.

This gazebo was filled with old wine barrels ~ can you see the pink flamingo in the background?

 Some of the vendors had their wares displayed on old wagons that are around the property.

I was so excited to get this old wash tub for $5.00.  I'm going to put potted geraniums in it, and when we have cookouts I can remove the plants and fill it with ice and beverages.

I got an old sewing rocker ~ I love the dark aged wood!

Just some small finds ~ the mirror is for my daughter she is a beautician and she loves old hand mirrors.
I love old tins and bottles!

This is a close-up of the pig jar I got, there is a slot in the top, and the lid says this is a piggy bank bottle.
I believe it had syrup in it at one time. I have another piggy bank bottle that is in the shape of a mans face and says Lucky Joe's Mustard.  I don't see these to often and they are kinda pricey ~ If anyone knows anything about these bottles I sure would like to know any info they might have.
Oh I can't wait till the next flea market!

Today I went barn picking, I'll try to show you some pic's tomorrow.
It's getting late and I have to read the paper before I hit the hay, otherwise it will be old news!

Until next time!
Prim Blessings


Trace4J said...

Morning Robin,
What a cool place and great pictures. I love all your treasures you found.
Have great day
Granny Trace

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Wow!! I love, love, love the old wash tub! You are going to have so much fun with it!

I have a couple of similar glass banks ... one is an elephant and the other is a cat. The piggy bank is really cool!
Hugs, Vicki

renee said...

Good morning Sunshine!
Well you did great for such a short visit! I love the wash tub! I have one, but not the stand. I have never seen the glass banks before, very interesting. The mirror is neat too, I am sure your daughter will love it!
Have a great day!

~Madalynne~ said...

Looks like an awesome place and WOW!! what an amazing deal you got on that washtub! Thanks for sharing.

cottageprims said...

Oh my goodness sweetie~ I can't believe you found the wash tub for $5!! Great day of treasures so glad you finally got out to enjoy it.I've decided to use my tub for gatherings outside to fill with ice and drinks and to keep the salads chilled so I don't have to run inside every five minutes.Hope you have a wonderful week my prim friend!~Amy

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Robin, WOW! $5 for wash tub, a most excellant find!!! Love old jars too!!! OLM

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok, Girlfriend - spill the beans! Where, exactly, is this place??? Might make a good day trip from Nod!! That was an absolute STEAL on the washtub - I have one very similar, but paid a LOT more than $5 for it!!! Love your little rocker too!! Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower.
Good deal on the old wash tub. That would sell for about $50.00 around here. I have a double one on the patio and one side I have a basket of flowers in and the other side I will sit my cooler in for cold drinks when grilling out. I love old chairs of any kind. I got one last week for 50 cents because 2 of the rungs was missing. I painted it black and sat it outside to sit a basket of flowers on. You can do lots of things with old chairs.
Love your finds.
Have a great day
Country at heart

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What awesome finds! Love the washtub!

Blogger said...

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