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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Summer Send-Off VI

Good Morn Everyone!
I'm trying to play catch up here!
Last Sat. I took my Granddaughter Keyarra to the 
"Bill Tesch Memorial"  Concert, Parade & Great Bike Give-Away!
Sponsored by: The Greenville Fire Dept. & E.M.S
and the Greenville Civic Club
It was a very hot day ~ but we had a fabulous time!
There was a lot of people waiting for the parade to start so they could get their tickets for the Great Bike Giveaway!
 Both sides of the street were packed with people ~ see the hill in the background that is where the parade was headed!
There was a lot of wonderful floats and area businesses that attended!
Lets Go To The Parade!
Everyone stood for this one!

 Awesome fire truck!

old fire truck!

 Fire Truck from our township!  Hi Donny!

 Old bike!
Thanks for everything you do for our community!

 I Love old cars!

 Look at all those bikes!  They had 2 flatbeds filled with bikes!

After the parade we went to the Greenville Lions Park with our bike ticket in hand!
Lets see if we can win a bike!

There was so many kids there wishing for a bike.  I told Keyarra  don't get your hopes up ~ not everyone will win a bike.

Oh what a happy day!
I hope you all have a wonderful and happy day too!
Until next time!
Prim Blessings


TheRustyThimble said...

Congrats to you and Keyarra. What a pretty bike she got. What fun thank you for sharing your parade

Trace4J said...

Yippppppeeee Keyarra!! How wonderful Grandma must be her lucky charm. Looks like a great day!
Hugs Trace

lindeelou said...

Wow what a lucky little girl....Her smile says it all....I wish I could of been to the parade...I am so Happy for Greenville to have a piece of history form 911....I live in Kaukauna and will venture there one day to pay tribute to it....

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh my goodness such a lucky girl!! Love a hometown parade.You have a wonderful weekend.Hugs!~Amy

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have never seen so many bikes in a giveaway. Our fair would have one. Congrats Keyarra & safe riding sweetheart. Thanks for sharing the parade. Love old vehicles. Blessings!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Love a great old fashioned parade - what fun! So, do they do another parade for Labor Day? That would be kind of odd so close together....Lucky, lucky, Keyarra! That looks like some kind of snazzy bike! And wow - what a ton of bikes they gave away! Is that a raffle of some sort? How can they possibly give so many away?? Anyway, glad she was one of the lucky ones. Sorry to hear of your bad weather - think it's moved up here - we were hot and sticky the last few days, but today a cold front is moving in and we've had storms and rain....Had typed a whole comment to you and right when I went to post it, poof, no power....Hope you're having a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Country Whispers said...

Congrats on the new bike!
I love parades all by themselves let alone to have a huge bike giveaway like that.
That's awesome!

nancy huggins said...

That is great that she won a bike and that will be a memory for her for the rest of her life..even more so than if you bought her a new bike :)
Small town functions are so much fun and they are having one every week end around here