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Friday, December 9, 2011

Remember Me???

Hello Everyone!
I've been missing in action lately and I'm so sorry about that.
I've been trying to keep up with everyone and commenting when I can.
I have so much going on in my life I really don't know where to begin.
Some things are personal some are not. 
I really don't want to talk about the personal things ~ so we will just set them aside.
Lets just talk about the fun things ~ we enjoy must!
So you ask ~ Where have you been or What have you been up to?
I've been crafting as much as I can ( when the personal things don't get in the way) for my website,  for my booth at Cedar Ridge, special orders, and for my exchange gifts for my family!
BEWARE!!!  This post is loaded with pictures!!!

I've been crafting!!!
A sweet Angel ~ Pattern by: Bittersweet Folkart!

A Jolly Ode Soul ~ Pattern by: Stykes and Stones Primitives!

Primitive Merry Christmas Cupboard Hanger
Pattern by: Country Rustic Primitives ~ I Love her patterns!!!

Mr. Winterberry ~ Pattern by:  Bittersweet Folkart!

Clementine ~ Pattern by:  Catie's Homespun Stitches!

Gingerbread ~ Pattern by: Liberty Rose!

Another sweet pattern by:  Country Rustic Primitives!

I also made a ton of signs ~ here's a small sampling!

I filled my booth at Cedar Ridge ~ Let the shopping begin!!!

I also been putting up my Christmas decorations
( I really need a bigger house!!!)
One of my snowmen displays!

Snowman tree!

One of my favorite snowmen ornaments!!!

The Snowman I got from Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers!!!  So Cute!!!

My large tree in the living room!!!

One of my favorite groupings!

Santa and some of my Swarovski Stars!

I also attended Keyarra's Christmas Concert!!!
She just sang her little heart out!!!

That's my life in a nutshell!

Today my husband is having his surgery to get his appendix out.
Prayers and Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Like the saying goes ~ "I'll be back again someday!!!"

Prim Blessings


Shirlee said...

You HAVE been busy, haven't you!!! I wasn't too worried about you because I would see you comment on a post from time to time. Everyone is so busy at this time of year. I hope the personal stuff is not too bad & eases up for you soon. Your house looks wonderful ... I loved all the photos! Blessings, Shirlee


Your home looks great, love your snowman decorations, I made the large snowman, I just love her patterns,too. Prayers and best wishes coming your way for your hubby.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sorry things have been hectic sweetie.Love all your prims you created especially the angel. Keyarra looked beautiful in her dress.You should be proud becoming a lovely young lady.Will keep you and hubby in my prayers.Hugs!~Amy

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

First off...my prayers for your husband. Hope all goes well! I'm sorry to hear that you are going through some rough spots. I'll be sending you good thoughts that everything works out for a greater good. You have been super busy making some wonderful things. I'm in awe of all the cool stuff you've accomplished!! The trees look so pretty.
Hang in there!

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Prayers for your hubby and for better times ahead for you. All your work is beautiful! I'm sure it goes out the door about as soon as you take it in to sell! Keyarra looks like a natural performer. I was never brave enough to sing a solo! ~Roberta

Beckyjean said...

Hi Robin~

Sending prayers for your husband.

You sure have been busy!!Love all your signs & the cross stitched goodies.

Glad to hear from you.


Trace4J said...

Lifting up a prayer for you and your hubby. You have been a busy girl. I just love the snowman, santa and gingers.All of it really :) The signs are great too.
Hope you make a ton.
Christmas Love



Hi Robin,
Wow! You have been really busy. Everything is just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. I will say a prayer for you Sweetie, and hope everything works out.

renee said...

I am glad you are busy with the crafting! You are so wonderful at it!
I see a few things in your booth~ can you shoot me an e-mail? I am curious.
Have a good night.

TheCrankyCrow said...

How could we ever forget the wonderful loveable you? ;o) So good to hear from you....Has been crazy here too - not keeping up with a stinking dang thing - least of all the Christmas stuff. Think I'm channeling Ebeneezer Scrooge or something. You're soooo way ahead of me. I absolutely adore all your new creations. How the heck do you do it?? You're like a little one-woman factory or something. And here's my "duh" confession....I never knew you had a website....Yikes. My bad....Thought you just did the booth thing. What have I been missing out on??? Do I feel like a yahoo from the north of Nod or what? Prayers and best thoughts for your hubby's surgery - hope all went well - and hoping the other issues in your world are getting in balance someway, somehow. Sorry I haven't kept in touch as I would like too - things are just a wee nutty here too...Smiles & Big Hugs My Friend ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - I meant to tell you your big tree looks magical! Those lights are amazing!!! Is it the quality or quantity??? I want my tree to look like that! (And Keyarra, I assume is that show-stealing little angel that everyone else is staring at? She has star potential I say!) ;o) Robin

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Everything looks beautiful Robin! You sure have been a busy little elf. Love all your displays and your tree is gorgeous!
Sorry there have been bumps in the road of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I hope hubby's sugery went well.
Take care of yourself Robin and know we are here if you need us.
Warm Holiday Wishes,

Jaime Lynn said...

You look like you have been a busy little elf. :) Everything looks great! How many Christmas trees this year?

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Robin..gezzzz no wonder you haven't been around.. So many goodies you've created.. I especially love your little Gingerbread men...so Cute!!
Your booth looks great...

I hope your hubby's surgery went well and he is recovering nicely. I had mine out two years ago emergency surgery so no time to think about it was a breeze..so hoping your DH's is too!

Praying that your personal stuff isn't getting in the way of happy times..

Have a Great Weekend!!

Christmas Blessings

Heather said...

Glad to see that you are back. You've certainly been very busy...everything looks just adorable. Hope that your husband is doing well, and that life settles down for you!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi Robin,
Sending you and hubby my positive thoughts and prayers.
Love all your wonderful goodies.

Prims By The Water said...

Glad you are back.. loved seeing all of your goodies you made. That snowman in the the bubble bath made both me and my hubby smile. thanks for sharing. take care, Janice

Linda said...

Praying for your hubby. I love your trees! Blessings, Linda

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Of course we remember you! and welcome back! Everybody is so busy this time of year it stands to reason there isn't time to do everything you would like to do

Haven't you been one busy creative lady, very very busy indeed and your home looks truly amazing, so warm and inviting, the Snowmen are all fabulous! I hope you get chance to sit down and have a bit of a rest this weekend,
Take Care,

Angie Berry said...

Sorry for the personal issues. I hope things are better now and also that your husband is feeling well.

Holy Moly!! You have been crafting away, wow! Lots of wonderful things you have been creating! Your booth looks awesome too!

Oh, I love snowmen too and I also have a snowman tree! =] They are such fun. Your home looks wonderful decked out for Christmas!

What a beautiful young girl Keyarra is, such a pretty smile!