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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Disappointed!

I'm just a little disappointed in snowstorm "Bob." I was looking forward to a wonderful snowstorm.  The kind of snowstorm where you can't go any where.  I had my day or days planned out to work on wonderful creations, page through some wonderful prim magazines and maybe watch a movie.  Sorry to say things didn't go as planned.
Yesterday when I left for work ~ the snow hadn't started falling yet.
This is what our yard looked like when I left.

When I was leaving work ~ the snow was falling!!!
If you can say ~ it was Beautiful!!!
The snow was those big sticky flakes that stick to everything!
I thought ~Tomorrow is going to be a Beautiful day to be snowed in!!!
I have so many project to work on!
and some wonderful reads to pass the time!
Country Home ~ Collector's Issue ~ LOVE IT!!!
Country Living the British Edition
and of course Prims!!!
Awesome Book!
Congratulations to Wanda ~ Gatherings & Kerri ~ Calico Rabbit for being featured in the magazine!!!

Something fun!!!

Things didn't work out as planned.
When I woke up this morning  ~ There was no beautiful snow ~ just a slushy mess.
I did work on some creations and when I get them completed I will show and tell!

My other disappointment is last weekend there was a indoor flea market being held in Appleton.
Yippee ~ I been dying to go to a flea market ~ one of my favorite things to do. There was going to be 75 booths!!!
I don't know about you but when I think flea market ~ I think old, wonderful collectibles, vintage, junk, time worn etc.   I was so disappointed  ~ there wasn't very many booths that had the things I described ~ maybe 4 the rest of the booths was like going to a rummage sale ~ Really???
There was one booth there that was all kids clothing piled in a heap and a bunch of toys ~ Seriously???
This is all I found.
 So Sweet!

I didn't buy the sewing box for the sewing box  ~ I bought it for it contents.
Love old wooden thread spools!

This wonderful wood carved box was in there too!

It's snowing again ~ started late this afternoon!

I'm going to go do a little stitch'in!
Until next time
Stay Safe & Warm my Friends!!!
Prim Blessings
P.S.  Happy Leap Day!!!


TheCrankyCrow said...

You're a hoot my friend. Really - you live in Wisconsin and you were looking FORWARD to snow?? Yikes! Snowstorm "Bob" nailed us pretty good - started last night, had a mix of sleet midmorning, then shifted back to snow late morning and this afternoon. There is finally a lull - but I hear tell more is on the way for Friday. Guess I could stand a good "snowing in" if no one had to travel - and if mum hadn't ended up in the hospital....let the snowplowing begin in earnest....
Looks and sounds like you have some fun projects to keep you busy for a while....Enjoy!! Smiles & Snowy Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - That book.....hmmmm.....Peter Bentley.....? That just HAS to be one of my multiple personalities! ;o) Robin

Shirlee said...

Sorry you weren't snowed in today ... keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow : ) I know what you mean about flea markets sometimes. They've actually got people coming in now with Dollar Store mass produced stuff. So sad. Blessings, Shirlee

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Congrats on the Easter Egg Giveaway. Got your message on the Prim colors..

You had me cracking up.. I so hate snow and you are over there wishing for enough snow to bury you in for days..Well my friends may Mother nature Greant you your wish and you get tons of snow...that way it will stay away from Ohio..Maybe..we had 65 today totally unseasonal for Ohio but not gona complain..my drive North was wonderful even stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift found a few things..
If ya find time enjoy hose reads you got piled up waiting on that snow day!!


Trace4J said...

Nothing like a good snow storm.
Had only 1 good one this year. Wouldn't mind one in March :)
You do have alot to do and read. Looks like fun. I am hoping to have a stitching day today.
Hugs Friend


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Well, it looks like you will have to keep the projects and the reading for the weekend. I'm sorry you didn't get a day off from work. The pets seem to be all snuggled in for the day.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sorry you didn't get piles and piles of snow.I've given up hope on snow here.We went to a antique mall the other week,we used to love it but the good vendors left and it looked like all yardsale leftovers but certainly not the prices.When we set up it's been getting harder because people looking for the good old stuff are not coming so much because they get tired of all the clutter,the people that are coming are cheap and just have no clue what the old stuff is.Enjoy your new reads and crafting.Hugs!~Amy

maddyrose said...

When I lived in Wisconsin I never had to worry about getting enough snow to be snowed in. Times really are changing. We've had snow here the past two nights but then it rains all day so it doesn't last. I've just learned to work on my projects and pay no attention to what's going on outside.

Sew Many Raggedies said...

So sorry you didn't get a snow day. We haven't had hardly any snow this winter either. Well, there's always next year right? Have a great day!!

Mila said...

I love the snow so I went to Lapland :)!
In Italy and in my town seems Spring...:/
Mila :)

jennifer768 said...

Sorry that your snow day did not happen as planned.Love the shoes and the little carved box!Have a fun day creating.Hugs,Jen

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh, so sorry you didn't get your snow day Robin :O( I'm with you, a big lovely can't go anywhere snowstorm is so wonderful; I love the quiet that comes with a big snowfall. But at least you got some crafts done, that table looks very full! And too bad the flea market was a disappointment but the finds you did get are wonderful! Love the picture of your pup all curled up and snoozing on the couch!

Ranae said...

There's nothing like a good snowstorm and a great flea market, so sorry you were disappointed in both.
I just heard on the news, southern portion of Wisconsin is getting 4" to 8" I believe tomorrow nite.
I'm hoping we get some of that seeing we are only 20 miles from the border

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Sorry bout your lack of snow Robin. Love the pic of your table piled with projects! Hope you have a weekend of stitchin' & reading planned snow or no snow ~*~Lisa


Sorry you didn't get your snow day. We haven't had but a few cold days here in Florida, but maybe next year. Love those shoes and your sewing box. Enjoy your books and stitching, Cyndy

Angie Berry said...

You sound like me... I was disappointed that we didn't get snowed in either, I just love those kind of days but it didn't happen at all, so sad.

Sorry to hear about your bummer of a flea market, that really stinks. I love old wooden thread spools too. I was just going through some in a jar that I bought last year and had forgotten about them. It's fun to read the labels and check out the prices. I think my favorite ones are the ones that are imprinted on the wooden spool itself, without the paper label.

Stay warm and be careful in that slush~