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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Where have you been??? 
What have you been up to???
I know I haven't posted in a while ~ so sorry.
Life just seems to get away from me sometimes ~ even spinning out of control.
A couple of times I sat to write a post only to end it for another day ~ because something came up and I wouldn't be able to finish it.
So lets catch up!  
Recently my husband and I had celebrated our 21 yr. anniversary.  My where have the years gone?
I can't say they have all been joyous ~ but they have been good!
That's Life
My Son ~ Michael and DL ~ Anita gave us a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Thank-You!

The baby Robin's have hatched!
How can something so ugly turn into something so Beautiful???
That's Life

Went antiquing with a friend in Waupaca ~ found some treasures!
Wooden blocks, oil can, cookie cutters, vintage bottles and ink well, maple syrup tin, school slate and printers drawer.
Found this vintage suitcase for my daughter ~ Love it!!!

I also went to an Estate Sale ~ so many wonderful things!
I bought
Vintage irons

Got to have some glass!!!

wooden bobbins, shoe form, sock darners, pinkeep box


hog scrapers ~ cobwebs were free!

patterns, and a basket filled with tin cups with a pattern to make them into pinkeeps
So many Beautiful things that I really don't need ~ but Love to collect!!!
That's Life

Some of the reasons I haven't been around much
(I have popped in now and then and read some of your blogs ~ have commented when I can)
I found another place to sell my creations!  Yippee!!!
(I should say she found me)
So I've been creating away (as much as I can)
I'll post more of my creations in another post!
I'll be selling some of my wares at
Back Again Furniture & Oddities
Medina, WI
This is great for me ~ it's only a mile down the road!!!
This is my Life

The other reason I haven't been around is because my very best friend Kim
(the one who manages a restaurant ~ where I help out)
Her mother is dying of cancer and they don't give her much time to live.
When Kim calls and needs help ~ I'm there for her.
(example: her grilled cook called in yesterday and Kim needed to be with her Mom)
Remember I don't cook ~ but I'll do my best ~ I'm there for you!
I must say I didn't do to bad!
As I'm writing this post the phone rings ~ it's Kim
The bartender that is suppose to work tonight can't work
(her father has cancer and they don't expect him to make it through the day)
I'll be there!
That's Life
Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

On a happier note
Granddaughter ~ Keyarra
Going to the Fairy Princess Ball
That's my Life!

Thanks so much Everyone for being there!
Welcome to my newest followers ~ it tickles my heart that you find my life interesting!

Until Next Time
Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and take what comes with a grin.
Prim Blessings


basketsnprims said...

Hi, Robin ~ such a great friend to Kim you are! Prayers being said, I hate cancer. Love all of your new treasures.

TheRustyThimble said...

Your grand daughter is so pretty dressed up for the ball

Life....well summed up, things happen! Prayers to those with cancer, so sad

Love the berries, good luck with your new selling venture



Trace4J said...

Oh what great friend you are. Cancer is such a theif. Youve been missed but glad your back. Happy Belated Anniversary too.
Your grandaughter is beautiful.
Beautiful berries and treasures.
The hunt is soo fun.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Your life is busy but sounds wonderful.Congrats on 21 years.You found some nice treasures.Sending up a prayer for your friend,she's lucky to have you.Your grand daughter looks absolutely beautiful for the princess ball.Warm Blessings!~Amy

alltheseboys said...

You are an amazing friend! Not to mention cook and barkeep! Your Grandaughter is beautiful!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I can relate to "that's life"! You are busy and caring for so many folks. What a wonderful soul you are! I love your new finds. And...Happy Anniversary!
Hugs to you,

Prims By The Water said...

Prayer being sent out right now for you. Life does get in the way of things and sometimes its good and then bad. Take care and will be thinking about you...we all need friends like you. Take care, Janice

Sonia said...

Good to see you. :) Happy belated Anniversary! Your treasures you found are awesome, and your granddaughter is a beauty. :) I will be praying for your friend.

God bless and keep you,

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

You've been busy living life and helping others--can't fault you for that! Your flowers are lovely. Good luck with your new venture! ~Roberta

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Sometimes things just have to be put on hold so we can care for others!! You are obviously a great friend!!

Kitty said...

Hi Robin, I feel the same way, days just go and go and go and then it turns out to be so long since I post on my blog! Prayers for your friend Kim and her mom, you certainly are a good friend to her. You found such an awesome assortment of goodies too! Beautiful creation of life with the birdies, how cool!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary. :)

Such pretty flowers.

Oh my you found so many nice things at the sale. I think I am jealous. lol Wishing I could find things like that here.

What a great friend you are to Kim. I am sorry to hear about her mom. And the other friends dad. :(

I have had cancer and been through it all the chemo, radiation, surgery, the emotions.

Prayers being said here.

Sweet little birds. :)

Take care, Janet W

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Dear Robin,
I just don't know where to start...this post was just plain lovely.
Wow, your granddaughter is adorable/beautiful.

I think I need to see your full line of treasures!

Oh and WE ARE GOING TO GET TOGETHER...really, I mean it...it will happen. Life happens!!!! LOL


TheCrankyCrow said...

Yikes, Girlfriend - don't even know where to begin this comment ~ your post took me through such a plethora of emotions - probably much like you've been feeling these days. So, I'll just jump right in I guess - first - Happiest of Belated Anniversaries. Hope you and hubby found made some time in that thing called your life to celebrate. 21 years is something....and had you said they'd all been joyous, I would have questioned your sanity or veracity. ;o) Sorry to hear of those you know suffering from cancer - such an insidious disease. You are an amazing friend and support. Congratulations on the new selling venue! Hope that doesn't mean we'll see less of you here....those strawberries are adorable!! Love the baby bird photo....awwww..... And Keyarra is truly a princess....what a little beauty you've got sprouting there....Hope you take time to keep YOU well, friend - in body and soul....Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Robin! Your grand daughter is so Beautiful.
What awesome treasures you found.
Happy belated Anniversary.
Sending Prayers out to your friends.