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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crazy Days in Tomah, WI

On Aug.7th my niece and I went to Tomah, WI for crazy days. We kinda got lost on our way there but we figured it out it was kinda like going around the block.LOL. They have some nice primitive shops in Tomah. We went to Gatherings by Cranberries'n Such, and found a lot of good deals I purchased a lot of towels, placemats, napkins (great for tucking in baskets, bowls, and using under center pieces. I also got some pottery. Then we went to Country Spirit (www.shopcountryspirit.com) They have awesome outdoor items and hand painted pictures N such. I found some beautiful fall flowers there and some spring decorations that were 1/2 off. What a deal! We continued on down Superior St. and went to The Market Place (www.marketplacetomah.com) this is my favorite primitive shop she has two floors just packed to the brim. Oh what to buy! She has primitives and extreme primitives, a lot of her items are handcrafted and her displays are awesome. I spent way to much money. After shopping at her shop we headed back up Superior St. and stopped at the Cranberry Country Mall before heading home. At the Cranberry Country Mall you will find Lucy's Lazy Dayz (lucyslazydayzprimitives.com) boy does she have wonderful handcrafted dolls and makedo's can't leave there without picking up something.
We wanted to go to Princeton after we were done in Tomah but we spent to much time at the shops there so we didn't make it. (not enough time in a day) We will plan another day to go to Princeton to the flea market and antique shops. You have to go there a least once during the summer months.
Annie handcrafted by Lucy's Lazy Dayz

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