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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get your game face on!

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Today is the day! Go Pack Go!  The anticipation is mounting. Who is going to win!
We are going to a friends today to watch the Super Bowl Game, at least the first half. We also promised out son we would come over to his house.   We will watch the second half of the game with him.  I usually don't watch many football games I prefer to be creative at that time or watch a good movie.  But I do like to watch the Super Bowl  commercials! Of course today we have to watch the game our beloved team is playing! Go Pack Go! I'm sorry I already said that, but the anticipation get over bearing sometimes it is like waiting for A Primitive Place magazine to arrive in the mail.  Where is it by the way? 
I hope you all enjoy your day! 
Until next time ~ Prim Blessings! Robin


colleens craft shed said...

Go Pack Go!! I will be watching also. No party , just hubby and kids. I am like you I work on something while watching the Pack, gotta keep the hands busy!! Hope we will be celebrating later today GO PACK GO!!!!

nancy huggins said...

I agree Go Packers Go..I really hope they win and Billy will be watching it and I will be sitting in recliner in there working on my dolls.
I do have some GB items made and if they win maybe they will sell :)