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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sandblasted Rocks

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your morning!
Well what once was starting to turn green is now all white!
We are having one nasty storm here ~ it has been raining and sleeting here since yesterday.  Last night it was lightning and thundering, I guess they call it thunder snow.  Now it is snowing to beat the band.  They say by the time it is all done we might have 9" of that pretty white stuff. Yuk!
Oh well on to brighter things!
Yesterday I went to Fox Valley Monument, and as you know in an earlier post my nephew Brian owns this company and is going to make me some sandblasted stones to list on my website.  Brian took me through the process of making a stone.  It was fun and interesting to watch this process.  I thought I would share some of the pictures with you.

First you pick out what stone you want to sandblast.

Then you decide what you want to put on the stone ~ and you pick your font and the size you need on the computer to make a stencil. We decided on the word love.
Then you put a special glue on the stone
While the glue is drying you transfer your word you printed from the computer onto this sticky sheet.

 You take this sticky sheet and wrap it around the rock and cut out the letters.
 Now you can see what it will say.

Now the stone will get sandblasted~I liked what it said on the door of the sandblasting booth.
Can you see it in there ~ it is getting sandblasted.
It's all done getting sandblasted!
 After it gets sandblasted you have to spray it with a black epoxy.
When your all done with all the steps you have to clean all the residue off.
Here's your finished creation!
 Here's some of the stones Brian made for me!
I'll be listing them on my website soon!
Thank-You Brian from
For taking us through the process of making  a sandblasted stone!

I hope you all enjoy your day!
Stay Warm!
If it looks like this in your neck of the woods
Just snuggle in!

Prim Blessings!


colleens craft shed said...

Robin, that sandblasting looks cool. I love the rocks. My window looks like yours today. We received way to much snow . I live up north (Antigo). I think we had more snow now then we did all winter. The snow thunder was cool though.

Country Whispers said...

What a neat process and thanks for sharing it with us.
No snow here yet and hope we don't get any.
We need SPRING!