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Saturday, October 27, 2012


The other day we went out to dinner at Buca's Italian Restaurant ~ oh what fun we had!!!

We went there to celebrate my Sister Sandy's B-day and Aunt Tootie & Uncle Bruce's Anniversary! 
The restaurant is amazing ~ I highly suggest that if you have a Buca's in your area you should check it out.
Their walls are covered with wonderful pictures and artwork!
Even the ceiling had pictures on it!!!
The food and the waitress we had was awesome!!!
You order what you want and the food comes out in big bowls that you pass around to share with everyone.  We had 16 people in our group ~ so it was fun passing the bowls around like a big Italian family would!
We had fettuccine, stuffed shells, zit ti, pizza and spaghetti with the biggest meatballs that I ever saw!!!
So on that note!
Happy 66th Birthday Sandy!
Congratulations Aunt Tootie and Uncle Bruce
on being together 64 years ~ That's Awesome!!!
Tomorrow we have Trick or Treating in our small town
oh I can't wait!!!
I'll show pics of my decor and Trick or Treating on my next post!!!
Until Next Time!
Get your best costume on!!!
Prim Blessings


BumbleBeeLane said...

They family style passing the food sounds neat.I think our trick or treat will be canceled with the storms moving in.Share lots of pics of yours..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Farmhouse prims said...

Robin, what a fun time you had!! Would love to go there sometime, Happy Birthday to your sister and Happy Anniversary to your Aunt and Uncle! hugs, Lecia

Janet said...

Hi Robin,

Wow! How fun.

I love italian food. I went to Italy for almost two years back in 1982-84.

It was great.

Happy Birthday to Sandy. Happy Anniversary to your Aunt and Uncle. Sixty-four years is great. :)

I hope that the weather is good for your Halloween activities.

Take care, Janet W

alltheseboys said...

Robin I love Bucca Di Beppo! I went in Chicago many years ago with my friend Kathy. We had so much fun that night. I tried to bring our very handsome Italian waiter back to the hotel with us! Lol...I'll never forget Kathy looking at me in her way she does and saying...." I think your a flirt! Hehe...it was the wine! Just hearing the name brings black those great memories! Katie

Shirlee said...

What fun Robin! We don't have a Buca's. I've never seen them before but John & I both love Italian food so if we ever come across one someday we will definitely check it out : )

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....YUMMMM!!! I LOVE Italian! But have to confess, I've never heard of a Buca's.... Happy belated birthday to your sissy Sandy (love the smile on her face) and Tootie and Buck. (Only in Wisconsin do they call people "Tootie and Buck".... ;o)) - Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin